Creative and Curious

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Melbourne Art Walking Tours

Explore the artistic landscape with local artists and educators

Insight into the creative minds; artists, arts practice, galleries and curators 

'Behind5doors' taps into people’s curiosity, creativity and appreciation for the Arts and the interests of local artists. 

We offer a unique experience for all our guests, providing an insight into the creative minds of artists, their art and creative process.

A ‘5Doors’ tour includes an exclusive meeting with artists, curators and directors, providing a unique tour into studio spaces and hidden treasures found in our creative city. Guests have the opportunity to chat with local artists and view their work in progress. All of our personal tours include gallery visits and informal, engaging curatorial introductions to the current exhibitions and then concludes with a relaxing drink in a local café or bar.

Behind 5 Doors invites you to select a tour that appeals to you.

View our tours and contact us for our custom made tours for corporate, group events and school tours.